Director's Message

College of Engineering Science and Technology (CEST-196) is a flagship Institute of Surya Group of Institutions (SGI) and is a beacon of light which illuminates invisible recesses of one’s talent which is integral part of one’s personality. Apart from academics, cultural, ethical and traditional persuasion we are striving hard to groom our students for realization of self development and self discipline through self introspection.

Education at CEST lays strong emphasis on growing independently and individually as a technocrat of high caliber and a cultured citizen as well. In today’s dynamic environment where globalization is the ultimate need of the day, it is the consistent endeavor of the CEST to keep its students abreast with the latest technological development as well as its application in order to be able to tap their potentiality to the utmost level.

All students are welcomed to the CEST-SGI family.

Dr. Javed Ahmad
Director, CEST

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